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Year 8 Construction Challenge

Posted: 6/07/18

Year 8 Construction Challenge

Year 8s had a taster session in construction this week. The objective was to build a box cart using a wooden pallet as the core material.  Wheels and tools were provided and they were given a basic design. This was a one-hour lesson so good team-working was essential. 

We had two teams of girls and three teams of boys. Everyone managed to complete the task in the allotted time. The enthusiasm was overwhelming!

Mr Bailey judged the final entries and once again the girls won it; the winning team even added additional streamlining design pieces to the side. The pictures show the final products all in a row with the winning one on its own. 

It is fair to say that everybody thoroughly enjoyed this challenge with most of the students wanting to carry on into their lunch time to add to, paint or generally improve their carts! 

Well done to all involved.