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Number Day 2019

Posted: 8/03/19

Number Day 2019

In February, students in Year 7 and 8 took part in Number Day to help raise money for the NSPCC. As well as taking part on the actual day itself, students also collected money during tutor time which has all been donated to the NSPCC charity. 

Each band in Year 7 and 8 had a two hour slot where they looked to complete the eight different stations to the best of their ability. The eight stations in the main hall tested a variety of different skills, all of which were designed to develop students’ team-working skills as well as promoting a real enthusiasm for Maths. 

As with all events, the helpers are always vital in ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day. We enlisted the help of our Year 9 and Year 10 Maths Ambassadors on both days. They were a real credit to the school and handled the responsibility of manning their stations exceptionally well. The feedback from students supported this, and seeing their engagement when explaining their station to students definitely had a positive impact on the students themselves. Thank you to all our ambassadors for making both days run as well as they did, we could not have done it without your help. 

The excitement from Number Day has far from finished though. Prizes are due to be given out to all winners/helpers on the day – as well as valuable tutor points being awarded to the tutor groups who managed to raise the most money for the NSPCC!

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable and vibrant few days, but don’t just take our word for it:

“I really enjoyed Number Day. It offered a wide range of excellent opportunities. I liked the parachute game the most!” Ayaan - 8Q1

“I enjoyed the parachute game it was really fun and active” Amari - 7QA 

“All the Year 10s were really nice and friendly and the games were really fun and interactive” Charlotte – 8Q1

“It help me develop my times tables skills and problem solving without me realising” Erin-Mae - 7KS

“I enjoyed Number Day because it had a range of different activities so that it doesn’t get boring. There is something for everyone!” Sophie - 8Q1 

“The parachute game helped me recap factors and multiples in a fun way” Reece – 7K2

“I learned to work effectively as a group and developed my team-working skills” Libby – 8K1