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Year 13 Social Science Trip

Posted: 29/03/19

Year 13 Social Science Trip

On Monday 11th March our Year 13 students went on a full day trip to the Tate Modern Gallery and the Royal Courts of Justice. 

During our Tate Modern visit students observed unique pieces of art related to the social sciences. Students enjoyed making links to the work displayed with the contemporary topics they have studied in their lessons such as feminism, inequality and mental health. 

We then made our way to the Royal Courts of Justice in Temple where our students actively took part in a two hour interactive workshop whereby they prepared a real life past murder trial to perform in court. Every student was allocated a role including the position of a judge, two prosecutors, two defence lawyers, eight witnesses and the accused offender who was pleading innocent in court and denied having assisted the murder of the victim. Twelve students were selected to be part of the jury who passionately agreed that the suspected offender was not guilty and argued that there was not enough evidence to accuse the suspected offender of murder. This firsthand experience really inspired our students and brought to life Criminology topics such as the reliability of eyewitness testimony. 

We felt really proud watching our students perform the murder trial in such an enthusiastic, professional manner and the experience really demonstrated their love of learning for the Social Sciences.