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Year 12 Biology Field Trip

Posted: 5/07/19

Year 12 Biology Field Trip

From Friday 28th June to Monday 1st July Year 12 students made a six hour journey to the Field Studies Centre in North Wales. When arriving there students got into groups and engaged in an immersive ecology session by learning about apparatus used in ecological practical experiments. Students then took a trip to the nearby ancient oak woodland of Coed Hafod. Students devised a method including random sampling to investigate the distribution of lichens on oak and birch trees. 

On the second day students got to sample along a systematic transect in the Afon Conwy river. Students sampled invertebrates within the water and the different abiotic factors along the river. Using these invertebrates, they identified the species using microscopes and dichotomous keys. Students then got the opportunity to venture into the touristic local village Betws-y-Coed where they saw the sights and sampled some lovely Welsh cheese. 

For the third day students took a coach journey to the Morfa Harlech National Nature Reserve where students saw first-hand how succession progresses in a sand dune ecosystem. Using a range of techniques, students investigated the change in plant communities in relation to changes in environmental factors such as wind speed, soil pH and soil moisture.

On the final day students used the skills they had developed during the course, their synoptic biological knowledge and research, to plan and carry out an investigation. Overall, students enjoyed the breath-taking sights, the good selection of food and the highly informative activities.