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U16 Surrey Cup v Ursuline

Posted: 29/11/19

U16 Surrey Cup v Ursuline

Cheam girls played against Ursuline in the U16s Surrey Cup on Thursday 14th November. 

We started very strongly with a good cross by Roxie F to Megan B who scored with a strike outside the area into the left hand corner of the goal. Then there were a few chances from Mollie C, Holly B and Storm E-B which didn’t make the back of the net. In the 15th minute Cheam had a goal kick and it landed by Keira Y on the right, who then dribbled the ball around their defence to score. Within minutes of the half time whistle Mollie made a break through and crossed the ball to Megan who then belted it in the net making it 3-0.

There were a few changes in the second half when Lola S and Amelia L gave way to Nairah S and Eshal T. In the fifth minute of the second half they scored their first goal and shortly afterwards Ellie S passed the ball over to Amber H, who struck the ball and their goalkeeper didn’t have a chance to save it as it went into the top left hand corner. Mia K overpowered their player and they received a free kick. Cheam’s defence Ellie, Mia, Eshal and Nairah kept strong and defended the ball well. Ursuline seemed to find strength and kept Cheam’s Goalkeeper Georgia S very busy, but unfortunately in the 20th minute they broke through our defence and got their second goal, closely followed by a third. Cheam did not give up and kept pushing for a goal, pressurising their keeper until Keira received the ball. She ran half the pitch to kick the ball into the back of the net making the final score 5-3. A brilliant performance from the girls.

This is the first time in nine years that Cheam has beaten Ursuline after winning the Surrey Cup in 2009!

Well done girls!

Players of the Match: Mollie and Storm