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Letter to parents/carers 6th May 2020

Posted: 6/05/20

Dear Parents / Carers

We hope that you are all keeping well.

Please see below for updates and information from the school:

Home Schooling and Website Updates

We continue to be impressed by the quality of work that many, many of our students are producing from home.  However, we are also very much aware that each student and each set of circumstances are unique.  We know that home schooling can be challenging for both students and parents/carers alike (including many of our staff who, like many of you, are trying to balance their professional responsibilities with home-schooling their own children). 

As a school we are doing our best to strike a delicate and difficult balance between ensuring that our students have access to quality learning opportunities and making sure that work is manageable. 

Please remember:

  • Your child’s wellbeing remains paramount – if they are struggling with their school work or any other matter which we may be able to assist with, please contact their Year Team
  • Often a quick conversation with a member of school staff will really reassure a child who is anxious about their school work (or provide motivation if necessary)
  • Your child should not be working for longer than a normal school day
  • Your child should complete work as best they can; we understand that not every child will always be able to complete every piece of work set
  • You or your child can communicate with teachers through Show My Homework if any additional support or clarification is needed or just to update them on your progress

We will continue to get in touch where we notice that a child does not seem to be completing work.  We appreciate that there are lots of reasons why this might be happening and, as always, will endeavor to assist in any way that we can to help your child access their learning as best as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: If you or your child receive an IRIS alert regarding incomplete work, please do not be alarmed. 

It is very important that we now begin to keep a log of where students have not completed work, whatever the reason, so that we know where there may be gaps in their learning.  This will help us to support them as best as possible with their learning once school reopens.

We thank you for all of your continued efforts and for the many lovely emails that we have received from you.

Wellbeing Updates

The Education and Children’s Wellbeing Service are now offering remote support to young people.  The support involves structured sessions of guided self-help for young people experiencing anxiety, low mood, lack of motivation or sleep difficulties.

If you feel your child may benefit from this service, please contact their Year Team.

Additional information is provided on our website, here.


A number of parents/carers have enquired as to whether we have contributed any personal protective equipment to the NHS from our school supplies. 

We can confirm that, before the Easter break, we gave all suitable PPE equipment from our Science department to St Helier Hospital and local GP surgeries.  It was gratefully received and we thank our Science team for organizing this and enabling us to help our colleagues in the NHS at this time of need.

Schools’ Opening

Many of you may have seen speculation in the media regarding the reopening of schools.

In part, this letter is to confirm with you that we have received no correspondence or guidance from central government regarding when schools are likely to reopen. 

Obviously, there are a number of serious and complex considerations regarding the safety of both our school community and that of wider society that need to be taken into account before such a step is taken.  Of course, when we receive further recommendations regarding this, we will communicate with you closely, as well as with school staff and the many other agencies and stakeholders with which we work.

For now, however, we remain open only to the children of key workers or to students considered vulnerable.  If you feel that your child meets either of these criteria and you would like them to attend school, even if they have not done so thus far, please contact your child’s Year Team via the year group’s email address or by telephone.

Keeping in Touch and Having Fun!

If your child is doing anything extra-curricular that you’d like to share with us, please continue to email their Year Team or  We really enjoy seeing what our students have been doing and achieving beyond the formal curriculum!

Also, following the success of our recent quiz, it’s competition time again…!

Eco Photography Competition

During lockdown, many of us have really valued our daily walks or spending time in gardens and we’ve all paid a bit more attention to the natural world around us.

We’d like to celebrate this with some photography.  Photos must link, in some way, to nature and be taken locally.  This includes everything from a picture of a houseplant’s leaf through to wildlife in the park.

Students should submit photos to or by sending a Direct Message or @ing the @cheamhigheco Instagram account where more details can be found.  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded.

Parent/carer contributions are very welcome too (if we get enough, we might even award you some prizes!).

As always, should you have any questions, queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the usual channels.


With very best regards to you all,


Mr Vosper

Deputy Headteacher