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Guidance on Face Masks

Posted: 4/09/20

Dear Parent / Carer,

Re: Guidance on Face Masks

You will be aware that the government changed its guidance on face coverings in schools. In essence, it gave discretion to Headteachers on the use of face coverings when there is not a local lockdown situation.  You can find further information about this here:

We have always done all we can to follow national guidelines and also act in a manner that supports student and staff safety.  On this basis, we have responded to the new guidelines as follows:

  • Every child MUST bring a face mask and a bag to put it in every day.  Please read the guidelines on how to wear a face covering.   
  • The face mask must be plain and have no writing or logos on it.
  • When students are in corridors and between lessons then they will be expected to wear their face mask. 
  • Students who have a relevant medical condition will not be expected to wear a face mask and a ‘pass card’ will be issued. Please email the school if your child has a medical condition meaning they cannot wear a mask.
  • At break and lunchtime as students are in their year bubble, and largely outside, they will not be expected to wear a face mask.  However, if they wish to wear a mask at this time then they may. 
  • When coming into and leaving the school site, we recommend that all students wear face masks as they could come into contact with students outside their year bubble. 
  • As per government guidance, students should also ensure that they wear a face mask on public transport if they need to use this to travel to and from school.
  • Students will be asked to wear face masks in certain lessons to allow particular practical activities to take place which may need the close support of staff. 
  • Please note that there may be other times or events when students will need to wear a face mask e.g. during a fire drill. 
  • We recommend that, in general, students do not wear masks in lessons to enable best possible communication between students and staff.   If your child wishes to wear a mask in all their lessons, please email the school so that staff are aware.

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support.  We will update you as soon as possible if there are further changes to guidance/school procedures.


Mr P.Naudi