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Year 12 News

Posted: 2/10/20

Year 12 News

Last week, Year 12 took part in the Five Day Challenge. Every morning, during tutor time, each tutor group was set a challenge to complete before the end of the week. The winners of each challenge would win points and the tutor with the most points would win a prize! 

On the first day, all tutors were given a cardboard box full of arts and crafts. They were to use only the box itself and the materials inside to make something creative! The winner of this challenge was 12LR who made a parrot! 

Wednesday morning was the challenge of identifying the Sixth Form Management Team from their baby pictures. There were also the challenges of making a tutor group Tik Tok and recreating a famous image. The Year 12 students enjoyed their week of morning fun and it was a great way for them to continue to get to know their tutors and other classmates.

The overall winner was 12BR!