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Careers Matters

Posted: 16/10/20

Careers Matters ( is a great website with a wealth of videos, job information and ideas to help young people think about the type of career or job they would like to have in the future.

Try out the Buzz Quiz ( - a great way to spark conversation with your child and encourage them to start thinking about careers. There are 16 possible results, each connected to an animal. Finding out their animal type helps young people understand their strengths and explore links between their personality, working styles and jobs.

The guides to key decision points outline the options open at each stage, and feature written and video information to help inform your child’s decision-making.

There is plenty of information parents and carers may also find useful including choosing GCSE options, what next after GCSEs, what is an Apprenticeship and where can it lead and eight questions to help you decide if university is your next step.