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LRC News – Books Labelled by Genre

Posted: 16/10/20

LRC News – Books Labelled by Genre

We are very pleased that Years 7 and 8 are enjoying choosing books to borrow from the LRC. To help children choose a book, we have two systems in place. 

We already have a ‘reading menu’ to make it easier for students to find a book that is the right level for them.

Books in the ‘Appetiser’ section have yellow labels and are quick, easy reads. In the red label section students can find the ‘starter’ course of the reading menu; these books are a bit longer with a bit more for students to get their teeth into.

The ‘main course’ books have a blue label and form the bulk of the library catalogue. In this area students will find all their favourite authors, including Jacqueline Wilson, JK Rowling and Rick Riordan.

Books with a purple label form the ‘dessert’ section with more challenging reads and many of the classics.

We are now introducing genre labels. The eye catching designs will help students who love horror, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, adventure and more, to spot these books on the shelves. So, please encourage your Year 7 or 8 child to keep on reading!