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What to do if your child has a positive case of COVID

Posted: 21/12/20

Dear Parents/Carers,

Of course, we hope this is not the case but just a reminder that if your child tests positive for Covid during the break you should email the school at

DfE and Public Health England have asked schools to continue to act as track and trace for any positive cases reported to them following the end of the school term up to and including Christmas eve.

Please title the email ‘POSITIVE CASE’.

Please include:

  • Your child’s full name and year group
  • Details of symptoms and when they started
  • The last date your child attended school
  • The date of the positive test

This will enable us to contact other students or staff if necessary and we will telephone you if we require any further details from you.

The email account will be monitored until the end of Wednesday 23rd December.

If you receive contact from the school regarding your child needing to self-isolate, please see NHS guidance here for what this means.

With thanks for your ongoing efforts to help keep the school and community as safe as possible.

Wishing you a safe and restful break,

Mr P Vosper

Deputy Headteacher / DSL