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Keyworker and Vulnerable Student School

Posted: 31/12/20

Keyworker and Vulnerable Student School

Dear Parents / Carers,

Key Worker and Vulnerable Student School W/B 4th January

If you are receiving this letter it is to confirm that school site will be open to your child over the coming two weeks.  Whilst we do not anticipate that this will change, this may be subject to review depending on numbers and staffing logistics.  Any changes will be communicated with you as a matter of urgency.

Please see below some important information about how provision will function for your child during this time:

  • It is vital that students arrive to school promptly via the Chatsworth Road entrance by 8.20 (Years 7 and 8), 8.25 (Year 9) and 8.30 (Years 10 and 11) and staff will direct them to their classrooms.  If your child needs to drop off a younger sibling to school, which will cause them to arrive later, or there is another legitimate reason for any late arrival, please do ensure that you have let our office staff know at
  • Students must not hang around to meet up with friends prior to entering the school site and must go straight home when dismissed from school, not linger in public areas and not wait for other students.  If students do linger outside school, parents will be informed and students will jeopardise being allowed into school.  We have a responsibility to the local community to minimise risk of Covid transmission in the areas around school as well as on school site.
  • Students must be in full school uniform, including lanyards, as normal. 
  • All students, including those on free school meals, will need to bring food for break and lunch. The canteen will not be open.  If your child receives free school meals and you require lunch to be provided for them, please email or call the main office and we will make arrangements for them.
  • Students must bring a full water bottle to school as there will be limited opportunities to refill.
  • Students must bring in all equipment needed for school e.g. pencil case, calculator etc and headphones in order to access live lessons via a computer
  • We will try to offer physical activity where possible so students should also bring trainers
  • There will be hand sanitizer and tissues available in each classroom and bins for tissue and rubbish disposal. Students will be expected to sanitize their hands before entry to the room. 
  • Students will be based in the T block.  No child is allowed to enter the block without the permission of a member of staff
  • Students must sit in the room and seat that is allocated to them to enable us to follow track and trace protocol if necessary.
  • This will often mean that students may not find themselves with friends during lesson time.  It is also imperative that a child does not leave their seat without permission.
  • Likewise, students will be split between playground spaces according to the classrooms they are working in, and so may not be able to socialise with friends at this time.  Students must not go into out of bounds areas and must move to a space immediately if instructed to move by a member of staff.
  • It is critical that students follow all instructions given to them by any members of staff on the school site.  Failure to do so will result with the student being placed in isolation and jeopardise the school being able to have them on site for safety reasons. 
  • We ask that you discuss the details of this letter as well as the safety measures outlined below with your child in order to reiterate the message that students will be given by the school.

We very much hope that your child is able to enjoy and benefit from on-site provision over the coming fortnight, particularly positive interaction with peers and staff, and we look forward to welcoming them to school on Monday morning.

Best regards,

Mr P Naudi