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Year 8 Take the Step Count Challenge

Posted: 5/02/21

Year 8 Take the Step Count Challenge

This week Year 8 took on the ‘Step Count Challenge!’ for Children’s Mental Health Week we wanted to make sure we were looking after ourselves by getting out and walking in between online learning to get those endorphins flowing! 
Tutor groups were set the challenge to walk as many steps as possible in a week – a huge well done to everyone took part!

The winner with a MASSIVE TOTAL of 705,604 steps was:

In second place was: 
8HE with 497,405 steps

and hot on their heels were 
8GN with 407,819 steps! 

Special mention to:
8SY who also walked over 400,000 steps.

Together as a year group those that took part walked over 3 MILLION steps!
Congratulations go to the following students who walked the furthest in their tutor group! Postcards have been sent home and lots of bonus tutor points awarded!

Name  Tutor Group
Bella H B 8FN
Koby A–Y 8SY
Tarek N 8TY
Tom H 8TO
Hannah C 8LW
Cameron B 8MY
Sarah M 8CT
Alexander M 8HE
Sam M-C 8GN
Davey R 8MH
Daniel B 8JJ
Jacob S 8SM