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Eco Tips For A Greener Cheam!

Posted: 26/03/21

Eco Tips For A Greener Cheam!

Although they’re not perfect, some plastic products like most drinks bottles, can be recycled fairly easily.   Others, however, pose a far greater problem.  Toothbrushes, in particular, include a complex mix of materials which means they are hard to recycle and, when they decompose (which can take over 400 years!), they release toxins into the air and land around them.  All of that is made far worse when we consider that the UK may throw away up 246 million toothbrushes a year!

But you don’t have to bamboozle yourself for a solution because lots of companies now offer toothbrushes made of bamboo wood, a completely renewable resource.
The brushes decompose naturally and can even be added to compost piles! They are becoming so popular that Colgate now have their own version which is available in many supermarkets. For an even better option, you can order yearly bamboo brush subscriptions from lots of companies online.


Wild about Gardens
Wild about Gardens ( is a partnership between The Wildlife Trusts and the Royal Horticultural Society who have joined forces to give advice on how you can help the wildlife in your garden. They have produced a range of free colourful and informative guides and everyone who completes the survey will get the Bees and Beetles information leaflets.

The link to the survey is:
They also have an Action for Insects pack which might be of interest to those eco warrior children of yours.

Download a copy by following this link: