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    Letter to parents/carers 14th May

    Posted: 17/05/21

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    As I am sure you are aware, the Government have announced changes to the guidance around the wearing of face coverings in school from Monday 17th May.

    What does the new guidance say?

    In summary, the guidance now states:

    •             Face coverings will no longer be recommended for pupils and students in classrooms or communal areas

    •             Face coverings will also no longer be recommended for staff in classrooms.

    •             Face coverings should be worn by staff and visitors in situations outside of classrooms where social distancing is not possible (for example, when moving around in corridors and communal areas).

    •             The reintroduction of face coverings for pupils, students or staff may be advised for a temporary period in the future in response to particular localised outbreaks, including variants of concern.

    You can find the full government guidance by clicking here:


    What is the school’s position following the guidance?

    As a school, we are stopping enforcing the wearing of facemasks in classrooms or communal areas from Monday 17th May.  However:

    •             Students can continue to wear facemasks if they wish to

    •             Students must wear a facemask if instructed to by a member of staff in a particular area.  For example, a member of staff who is vulnerable or pregnant may wish students to continue wearing facemasks in their classroom.  Where possible, the particular reason for mask wearing will be disclosed to students.

    •             For this reason, students should continue to bring facemasks to school so that they can wear them as necessary.

    We would like to thank all of our students for their efforts wearing facemasks thus far and to parents/carers for their swift and clear communication with us regarding matters such as exemptions. 

    We are very proud of how maturely our students responded to the need for facemasks.  Whilst we all hope that this measure is not necessary, we expect students to respond just as maturely should masks need to be reintroduced at any point.  Of course, if this is the case, we will communicate with you as quickly as possible.

    As always, we thank you for your ongoing support,

    P Naudi