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Alumni Visit

Posted: 16/07/21

Alumni Visit

We were very pleased to recently welcome back some of our past students. Wendy Green, Doreen Baker, Sylvie Kyte, Val Sears and Peter Rogerson all attended the school in the 1950s/60s. For some of the group it was the first time they had been back to Cheam since their schooldays, during which time there have been significant changes.

In the 1950s there were still separate schools for boys (in what is now the M block) and girls (now the E block). Boys and girls were not allowed to mix in school and even at the Christmas church service, boys were seated on side of the church, girls the other and parents sat in the middle!

Our visitors shared lots of stories and had (mostly) happy memories of their time at Cheam Secondary Girls/ Boys as the schools were called in those days, before merging into a mixed school, Cheam Secondary School, in 1969. They had the opportunity to peep into classrooms and recall which subjects were taught there and the names of their teachers. Mrs Elliott had great fun showing the group round and was very impressed that they were able to remember so much – their time at Cheam clearly made a lasting impression. We hope our visitors enjoyed their trip down memory lane.

We are always pleased to hear from past students. Please contact us via the alumni section on the school website or by emailing at