Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

How will the students be graded this summer?

  • Teachers will decide on a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) that will assess the standard at which a student is performing in the absence of the usual exams sat by students.
  • TAGs will apply to all GCSEs, A Levels and Vocational courses.
  • The school will need to submit final grades to exam boards by 18th June.

What evidence will be used to come up with their TAG?

  • Teachers will draw on a broad range of evidence to make their final assessment.  Decisions about the final TAG will be evidence-based and might include tests, class work, mock examinations etc.
  • Evidence should cover a range of topics to demonstrate a student’s breadth of knowledge.
  • Exam boards are still to qualify what this breadth of material will look like in each subject.

When will assessments take place?

  • Assessments will take place when the teacher feels the students will do their best – this may vary slightly between classes and subjects.
  • Departments will be confirming their Post Easter assessment plans when we have more information from the exam boards. 
  • Many subjects are completing some assessment work before Easter and this will maximise the number of opportunities students will have to demonstrate their performance.

What if my son/daughter does not do well in an assessment?  Can they re-sit?

  • Students can only try their best!  Teachers will be preparing all of the students for their assessments and students will have plenty of opportunities to complete a range of assessments in subjects. 
  • It is important students are checking Show My Homework and completing homework tasks to prepare for their work in lessons.
  • We cannot run re-sits of assessments in the cases of students not performing well – the students will have a range of evidence we will use when coming up with their final grades.

What if my son/daughter is absent from school and misses an assessment?

  • The department will run catch up assessment sessions after school for the students to complete the assessment at the first available opportunity on their return.

Are these assessments in class actually “exams”?

  • No.  Assessments will generally be 30-45 minutes in length (much shorter than normal exams) and take place in in lesson time and in classrooms.
  • This will enable the teachers to “chunk” up the assessments and spread them across a number of weeks to help the students in preparing for and doing their best.

Can my son/daughter complete “extra” essays at home, bring them in for teachers to mark and include them in their evidence folders?

  • This is not possible as we need to assure exam boards that evidence that will be included is part of our agreed assessment processes.

My son/daughter is worried that their mock exams are not as strong as they wished.  Will they be included in the evidence?

  • Mock exams are a useful evidence source, especially if students performed well, but there will be plenty of opportunities for students to complete a range of assessments that will show them at their best and that we can include in their folder of evidence.

My son/daughter has access arrangements e.g. extra time in exams – will this still apply?

  • Yes.  Students will have available access arrangements for their in class assessments.  This may mean that students complete their assessments in a different room to their usual classroom.  If any parents/carers have questions about this, please email senco@cheam.sutton.sch.uk.

Will the student know their TAG before Results Day?

  • No.  Teachers cannot discuss the final TAG grades with parents/carers or students.  This is because the grades we submit are provisional and need to be quality assured by the exam boards.  At a later date (before 18th June) students will be told which work will count towards their final TAG and we will ensure that it is a broad range of their “best work” across a number of assessments that will go in their evidence folder.

When are results days?

  • Results will be issued to students in August after internal quality assurance by schools and external quality assurance by exam boards.
    • A Level Results Day will be on Tuesday 10th August
    • GCSE Results Day will be on Thursday 12th August

Can students appeal their grade if they are unhappy with it?

  • Yes.  There will be an appeals process and we will publish more information about this in the summer term.