Literacy and Communication

Why do we support literacy at Post-16?


Literacy skills continue to be vital for sixth form students, not only to support their studies but to help prepare them for the future.  An estimated four out of every ten job applications are binned by prospective employers due to spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.  Take a look at the t-shirt produced by a high street chain. Look at their very costly mistake?!

How do we identify concerns?

All Year 12 students complete an online literacy survey in the autumn term during tutor sessions.  The survey tests five basic skills: capital letters, prepositions, apostrophes, homophones and tenses.

How do we support Literacy?

Analysis of the survey results leads to students being identified for literacy support with our sixth form learning mentors. The weekly sessions give students a chance to refresh the five basic skills from the literacy survey and to take away practical resources to aid their independent learning. 

The survey also helps to identify any specific year wide issues with literacy skills. Sessions are then delivered through tutor sessions to help all students to improve in those areas. 


How do we raise awareness of literacy and communication skills?

Throughout the year a number of inter-tutor competitions take place.  For example, in the summer term all Year 12 students take part in the ‘Annual Sixth Form Oracy Competition’.  Students prepare and deliver a two minute presentation on a topic of their choice, with the chance to win a cash prize! Winning presentation topics have included; black hair, delivering a presentation and inter-racial relationships.

Students were asked what they had gained from the experience:

“Belief that if you try, you can achieve.”

“I have been able to talk about a subject that I truly believe in, which has helped my confidence level greatly.”

“I have taken the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, which I don’t regret"

Taylor, Bex (Rebecca)(Small)

Where can students find resources to support literacy?

Help sheets for punctuation, paragraphs, analysis and understanding exam questions can be found on the left of this page.

There are also lots of websites to actively engage students in literacy.

An example would be Grammar Monster

Students can also seek advice from Mrs Hoddinott and the Learning Mentors for further resources, via the Sixth Form contact.