Feedback from parents/carers

Cheam High School believes in working closely with parents and carers to support their child's progress.  We are aware of how vital parental support for learning is to student motivation and achievement. 

We also collect formal feedback at various meetings over each academic year to check that parents/carers are satisfied with the work of the school.  Included in these questions are the 12 questions that Ofsted asks parents/carers to answer during any Ofsted Inspection.

Outcomes from these 12 questions are shown below.  We have grouped these under four headings for ease of reading:

2016/17:  639 responses to the questionnaires were received. 

Students' well-being and happiness

98% of parents/carers agreed that their child is happy at Cheam High School.  99% felt that their child feels safe at school.  99% agreed that their child is well looked after at the school.

Students' progress and the quality of teaching

99% of parents/carers agreed that their child was taught well at the school.  94% of parents/carers agreed that their child receives appropriate homework for their age.  98% agreed that their child makes good progress at Cheam High School.

Behaviour Management:

96% of parents/carers agreed that Cheam High School makes sure its students are well behaved.  94% felt that the school deals effectively with bullying.

Leadership and Management:

99% of parents/carers agreed that the school was well led and managed.  97% felt that the school responded well to any concerns they raise.  97% agreed that they received valuable information from the school about their child's progress.

In addition, 99% of parents/carers said that they would recommend Cheam High School to a parent/carer looking for a secondary school for their child.



This is a government run website which shows parents/carers responses to the above questions for any school.  Any parent of a child can register, then contribute their responses.

The website can be accessed by clicking on the link below: