Jack Petchey Foundation

The Jack Petchey Award continues to run; look out for notices about when you can nominate a young person for the award this year.


The school has been part of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme since 2011. This is a reward and recognition scheme for schools and clubs to help celebrate the achievements of their students.

The Process (or nomination)

At the start of each term, students, staff, parents/carers and governors are invited to nominate students for a Jack Petchey award.
Students can qualify for an award in a variety of ways, for example: improvement in a subject; performance in a lesson; kindness to others; work within an area of the school eg extra curricular clubs; supporting other students; improved effort attitude and many others!

What happens?

Once nominations are in, the Student Council and, where appropriate, previous Jack Petchey winners, decide who the winner is. It is not a popularity competition and a student can only win one award in their school career.

What does the winner receive?

The winner receives: a framed certificate, a pin badge, and £200 to be spent on a school or community project of their choice. The other nominated students are given a small amount of money that they can spend within the school community.

How to nominate:

Nomination forms will be available from the LRC. Tutors also have copies and the form is available on the VLE for students. Parents/carers can download the form at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to nominate a student please download the form below and send it to jpawards@cheam.sutton.sch.uk

Recent winners:

Hudson, AlfieAlfie - Year 7

This student has really come into his own over his first year at Cheam. I teach him science. He comes into every lesson ready to learn. As I write that, it feels like an understatement, because he is ready before he even walks into the classroom. He is always the first to begin the starter, and his level of focus is amazing. I have never had to ask him to do anything twice. He is so determined to get things right, even if he takes several goes. He set a very high standard for work ethic and behaviour in his class. His character also means that he is such a positive influence on anyone he works with - in classwork and in practicals. I knew that if someone was working with him, he would incite his partner to carefully follow instructions and fully engage with the task, just because that is exactly what he would do, and his attentions would never waver. Alfie has only improved his work ethic since lockdown started. He is one of few students in all the classes I teach across all year groups to have submitted every single piece of work I have set him so far, and to such a high standard as well. He puts his all into every task, and he admittedly was struggling with some work at the beginning, but because of his continued efforts, he is now regularly achieving scores in the 90s in all his assessed work, and recently his science project was chosen as one of the ‘outstanding pieces of work’ in the whole of KS3 science. I am so proud of all that he has achieved this year, and I feel gutted that there is the chance I won’t be his teacher come September, but I know whoever his science teacher then will feel so lucky to witness his personal growth and achievements over the next academic year.


Mepham, HarmonyHarmony - Year 10

My tutor group wanted to nominate this person for the JP award for extraordinary efforts in the world of dance and musical theatre. She often stars in West End show (currently rehearsing for Annie) and over the week before half term she performed on Broadway! She is hardworking, committed and sacrificing student who has had to deal with personal problems while continuing to do her best.


Ying Ho, JeeJee - Year 11

I would like to nominate this student for the following reasons; She is a very polite and hardworking student. Her family moved to Farnham in November and she could not find a school place there, so has had to travel to Cheam every day – very early mornings and long school days. She attends loads of interventions for different subjects, some before morning registration, meaning that her day is much longer than most students and she is using her time really well. She also continues to travel by train to Cheam every Saturday for extra tutoring in Maths and English. She has made excellent progress in Photography as a result of staying until 5pm every day! 


Jessica - Year 12Leach, Jessica

I’d like to nominate this student please. She gives up so much of her own time for Guiding and also she is a gymnastics coach. She is also an excellent student, very dedicated to her studies, and supporting her friends when they need a friend. I am sure others will have nominated her too. I am so pleased to have her in my form as she is lovely to boot! The other things she does are: keeps her new room clean and tidy; hoovers and clean floors, for mum, when asked; great assistant chef and waiter; helps classmates with video run throughs of her completed work that they have left to last minute; had concussion and still maintained her work and caught up as soon as the pounding stopped; therapist to all her friends, rarely mentioning her own worries and concerns; enthusiasm coach to friends about school work; injured her ankle and kept going while decorating the bedroom (she did an excellent job of wall painting); has kept up with exercising; additional painting for pleasure; has tried again with English tasks and improved work without being asked to; does Zoom brownies and has just taken on being a Guide Leader too (all by Zoom); is amazing at watching box sets (Glee is the current favourite); keeps us in stitches with her humour; can compare any TV series to the cast of friends, to the point there could be a stand-up routine in it; her best friend says she is kind and generous; her before Covid-life included Gymnastics coaching, NCS, DoE, Morden Library Volunteer last summer and occasional babysitting; took part in the school’s ‘School of Rock’ cast that never happened and has taken part in all the previous school performances for her Years 9, 10 and 11 and is 53% completed on her Uni Frog.


Bailey, NicholasNicolas - Year 12

I would like to nominate this student in Year 12 for the award. He has been unfailingly conscientious and put a maximum amount of effort into every single piece of work he has completed in French from the minute he arrived at CHS in Year 7. I have taught him for six years now, and in that time he has completed every task set, he has sustained his enthusiasm and participation levels in every single lesson and he has been proactive in his determination to improve his language skills. He is one of the most polite and grateful students I have ever had the pleasure to teach. He is willing to do anything asked of him, he will work cooperatively and in a supportive manner with any student we ask him to work with, and he never fails to say thank you for anything that is done for him.

Despite having to cope with considerable health concerns in his family, suffering from pneumonia himself and the strains illness within his family, he has remained organised, on top of his studies and determined to persevere, with a smile on his face. During lockdown, he was the first student to complete every single task, all to a high standard. He is always thinking of others and organised a socially distanced celebration for the residents in his street to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, printing off invitations from home and delivering them to all his neighbours in order to honour the occasion - quite a feat in the current situation and undoubtedly appreciated by those involved. I think to organise something off your own back for your local community is quite unusual for someone of this age.

I think that sometimes it is good to acknowledge people who always do the right thing - quietly, without making a fuss, and without expecting anyone else to do things for them. He is a shining example of someone who has always followed all the rules, always behaved impeccably, always offered to help, always completed all his work and always got on with everyone. He is a real asset to our community and in recognition of this I have no hesitation in nominating him for this award.

He is a fantastic student who is full of positivity both in and out of the classroom. At school he helps in lower school lessons and is a brilliant role model.

He is a great addition to the Sixth Form and our community. Well done!


Vaisuky - Year 13Thanajevan, Vaisuky

I would like to nominate this student as she has been doing shopping for people shielding in her local area since the start of lockdown. She is also making them little cards with positive messages. She is a star! 

This student has been running a service for the elderly in her local area. They send her a message and she gets their shopping and essentials for them. She has also been creating little cards with positive notes in which she drops off with the shopping. She said a lot of them live on their own and that she wanted to cheer them up and ensure they are ok during this difficult​ time. This is a fantastic example to all young people and displays a high level of kindness and selflessness. Well done to this student, we are very proud to have you in our Sixth Form!

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