Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Cheam High School has a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

The VLE holds massive amounts of learning materials for each subject and storing content this way enables the students to access learning materials, homework and interactive learning resources from anywhere with internet access.

All new students in their first few weeks are shown how to access the materials on the VLE and how to use them to improve their learning.

To access the VLE from home students need to go to the school’s website and click on the VLE shortcut at the top of the page under "Quick Links" which will take you to the login page. All students will be given their own username and password.

All they have to do is enrol themselves in the courses they study to access learning materials.

The majority of the documents on the VLE are in Microsoft Office but please do not worry if you do not own this software as you can download “Open Office” from the short cut in the VLE which is free and will allow you to both read and edit documents created in Microsoft Office.