Mobile Phones & Media Devices

The school permits these items to be brought to school provided that the student and parent/carer agree to uphold the rules below.  Otherwise, phones and media devices (including smart watches) are forbidden.

Keeping these items safe

Students are responsible for the safe-keeping of their phones/media devices in school unless handed into a member of staff.  Our advice is to always have a good, impact resistant case and to only have the phone out when it is securely protected, for example when sitting down, out of the way and not in a group.  For phones of a higher value, we would recommend that parents/carers purchase insurance as the phones are easy to drop at any time, including outside of school.

Rules that apply if phones or media devices are brought to school

• Phones and media devices may be used at break and lunchtimes for music and games.  These items must be switched off and hidden from view at all other times.  This includes SMART watches.

• Phones (or other devices) must NEVER be used to make or receive phone calls, or take pictures, at any time during the school day; this includes break and lunchtime.

• Phones and media devices must NEVER be used in lessons or during lesson changeover.  Headphones must be put away at the start of the school day and at the end of break and lunchtime.

• The contents of phones and media devices must be suitable for viewing at school; there must be nothing on them that students would be embarrassed for staff in the school to see.  Bringing a phone or media device to school means accepting that staff may ask to see contents should there be any concerns.

• Phones/media devices must NEVER be used for any act of unkindness.

Consequences of breaching these rules

Failure to comply with these simple rules will result in the phone being confiscated until the end of the school day.  The Year Team will decide what further action is needed to ensure there is no repeat.

Should there be continued failure to abide by the above rules, this will be seen as deliberate and repeated defiance and treated accordingly.  This will include removal of the phone and/or the right to have this in school for longer periods, as well as more serious sanctions.

If a student is asked to hand over a phone to a member of staff and refuses, this will lead to referral to the attached Leadership Member and will result in a leadership detention, internal or external exclusion as appropriate.

Parents and Carers: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why does the school allow students to bring mobile phones and media devices?

We recognise that mobile phones and media devices are part of modern everyday society.  We know that it can ease parents’/carers’ minds if their child is easily contactable.   We think it reasonable that students can use these devices for music/games etc (no phone calls) during their break and/or lunchtime.  We also think it reasonable that students learn to use these devices sensibly. 

Why can’t my child use their phone to make/receive calls – even if just to parents/carers?

Phone calls on mobile phones are always intrusive to the environment; this is also true in life outside school such as restaurants, cinemas, gyms, work etc.
If there is an urgent message, then this can be given to the office staff who will pass this onto the child concerned.  If it is difficult news, it can be better delivered when students can get staff support. 
If a message is less urgent, you can send your child a text – please remember that this will not be picked up until break or lunchtime as students must switch off their phones apart from their social times.

Why would you take my child’s phone/media devices player?  When would it be returned?

The permission to bring these items to school means that students and parents/carers have agreed to support the school phone/media devices “rules”.  We have made it clear that breaking these will mean the phone/media devices player is confiscated.  Failure to comply would be very serious as this is challenging the authority of the school, knowing the consequences, as well as breaking the agreement undertaken by the student.

Phones/media devices would be returned at the end of the school day UNLESS you have been told in writing or email otherwise due to previous similar instances. 

What happens if the phone/media device goes missing/is damaged?

Your child is responsible for the phone/media device unless this is given to a member of staff for safe-keeping or has been confiscated, in which case the school takes responsibility for it.  We recognise that these can be expensive items (you may wish to consider buying a cheaper “day phone” that has little intrinsic value).  If you do not believe that your child will be able to keep these items safe, then they should not bring them to school OR should make arrangements to hand them in each morning, and collect them at the end of the day.

Why can’t my child listen to personal music when working independently during lessons?

Whilst many students have used media devices sensibly and it has helped them to concentrate at certain times eg during longer coursework pieces, others have misused the privilege by trying to listen to music at other times or using phones to check texts.  This disrupts their concentration and that of others.  Overall, the disadvantages have outweighed the advantages.  All phones/media devices must now be switched off and hidden from view during any lessons or they will be confiscated.

What do I do if I don’t agree with your policy on mobile phones/media devices?

As always, if you feel an approach is unfair or unreasonable, then you can write to the Headteacher and/or Governing Body asking for a review.  However, whilst any such policy is in place, the school will operate as stated.