Subject Leader: Mr K Bunton


Cheam 066The Music department at Cheam High School has been judged as good based on the department review of 2018.

Mr Bunton is the Subject Leader for Music and the department is made up of two Music teachers and an experienced Curriculum Support Officer.

The department works closely with Drama as a Performing Arts team and there are many cross curricular links between the subjects.  They share a well-equipped, purpose built Performing Arts building which houses a music technology studio, dedicated practice rooms as well as computers with Cubase and Sibelius software.

At KS4 students can study GCSE Music and at KS5, the courses offered are BTEC Music Technology and BTEC Music.


Mr Bunton is knowledgeable in all aspects of the music curriculum, with a particular strength in Music Technology.

The teaching is good with students of all abilities showing excellent attitudes to the subject and being challenged to do their best. Observations in 2017/18 show that progress is good with elements of outstanding practice. 

The KS3 curriculum is appealing through practical and performance work and students regularly use instruments as part of their learning. A wide range of musical genres are taught at all key stages. Assessment tasks are recorded to help students develop a range of skills and all teachers have strong subject knowledge.

Students are taught good routines from KS3 onwards to ensure safe and successful lessons using musical equipment. Respect between the teacher and students is evident across lessons, students show mutual trust and collaborative learning, especially at KS4, applauding and making others feel confident and happy.


Exam results in 2018:

GCSE: 52% of students achieved grade 4 or above.

BTEC Music Technology: 100% of students achieved Distinction Star grades. 

BTEC Music: 100% of students achieved Distinction Star grades.

Students' Views and Attitudes

Students enjoy music at all key stages, especially when learning how to play a variety of instruments. 

Collaborative learning is key to musical enjoyment and this is embedded into every lesson.

Students enjoy playing and practising with their peers and receive verbal feedback throughout lessons from their teachers.

Enrichment and Intervention

IMG_3413The Music team offer a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities, including collaborating with Drama on school productions such as High School Musical in 2016, We Will Rock You in 2017 and Grease in 2018.

The department hosts the Advent Carol Concert each December and peripatetic music lessons are taken by a number of students in school. 

The regular “Battle of the Bands” has external judges from the Academy of Contemporary Music and students perform at the annual Prize Giving.

Students at all key stages experience a wide range of musical genres and cultures through listening and performing which promotes and supports cultural diversity across all year groups.


In September 2018, all students have chosen to pursue further studies in Music or Music Technology.

Future Developments

To continue to review the KS3 curriculum to further promote students' learning of musical vocabulary and practical skills in line with the new GCSE.

To ensure that schemes of work at KS4 are fit for purpose in line with the new GCSE Music course.

To continue to strengthen ties between the performing arts subjects in enrichment activities.