Subject Leader: Miss A Hill


IMG_2575The number of students choosing Geography at Key Stage 4 has increased significantly in the past 3 years, with over 350 students in Years 9-11 studying the GCSE course.

At Key Stage 5 Geography has an experienced team of teachers and 30 students completing the course across Years 12 and 13.

The department is well resourced with banks of computers in every room and its own department area.  The department also has displays of student work in the classrooms and an array of visual stimuli to aid student enjoyment of the subject.


Geography has an experienced subject leader who is driven to ensure that students are enthused by this fascinating subject, prepared well for the challenges of the course and achieve highly.

Teaching includes good and outstanding practice at all key stages.

At Key Stage 5 Geography achieved 100% A*-C at A2 and 52% A*-B at A2 with students continuing to make excellent progress over recent years.

Students enjoy project ILT (Independent Learning Task) homework in Geography at Key Stage 3 and respond well to interesting creative activities on a range of thought provoking topics.

Enrichment and Intervention

Geography run field work trips at Key Stage 4, with visits to the Olympic Park in Stratford and Dorking in the last 2 years and Key Stage 5 trips to Slapton on Sea planned for this year. 

Geography run regular coursework intervention sessions that are well attended by students keen to improve their grades.

Geography have run student presentation afternoons where students at Key Stage 3 have presented their ILT models and creations to staff and their peers.


Each year students go on to study Geography after A Level - last year a number of students were accepted onto course at Loughborough and Portsmouth Universities to study Geography and Human Geography.

Future Developments

Review and development of schemes of work at both Key Stages 4 and 5 to include stimulating and challenging lessons that prepare students well for the higher expectations of the exam boards.

There will also be continued development of feedback and marking to outstanding practice.

Promotion of the subject around the school and as an option choice at Key Stage 4 and 5 to continue to increase numbers of students studying the course.

Preparation for the the new GCSE exams in 2017.

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