Teaching SEN students

What is Cheam High School’s approach to teaching SEN students?

Cheam High School is an inclusive community and believes in equality of opportunity for all.

All students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are entitled to have access to the full range of the curriculum at Cheam High School.

Supporting students with Special Educational Needs is the responsibility of all our staff.

Every teacher has a responsibility for the progress of their students with SEN and is expected to respond with high quality teaching, appropriate differentiation and specific strategies.

At Post 16, this continues to apply; however the school also operates the PEP Group (a specialist Post 16 MLD unit) supporting 24 students.   

Students are set by ability at Key Stage 4 in English, Mathematics, Science and Languages. They are also taught in ability groups in Key Stage 3 based on their English set for subjects with a heavy literacy content and Mathematics set for Science and other subjects

There are smaller teaching groups to support those needing most individual or differentiated work.

What additional support is available?

The school receives additional learning support as part of its overall budget each year to support students with SEN. Individual students with an EHCP may have additional funding so that the school can meet their needs.

Resources are used to provide the following as appropriate for the individual and the effective use of resources:

  • smaller teaching groups for students with learning difficulties
  • in-class support for an individual or group
  • additional teaching through special programmes aimed at particular needs
  • Personalised Learning Support Unit for students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues which are not being resolved in the classroom
  • a Student Support Worker to support students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues
  • a leading LSA in Speech and Language
  • ELSA (Emotional Literacy) trained staff
  • Educational Psychologist input
  • Speech and Language Therapist input

Additional teaching is matched to student need. Other specialist programmes are provided after school or during lesson time. Identified students also receive one to one teaching to enhance their literacy and numeracy skills.

Support during social time is also given to students who are vulnerable, have difficulties managing their behaviour or who find the playground environment challenging.   

“The outstanding learning support assistants and pastoral team are the key reason why practically all students overcome their learning or personal difficulties.”    Ofsted (2015)