The SEN Team

The Special Educational Needs Team

All teachers and many support staff have responsibilities for the progress and success of students with Special Educational Needs.  However, certain staff have additional responsibilities or work largely with SEN students as shown below:

The Special Educational Needs Leadership Team:

Ms McLeish, a member of the Leadership Team, line manages SEN and works closely with the SENCOs to ensure outstanding provision for our students. 

In addition, we have our SENCO who is responsible for all SEN students..

SENCO: Miss S Nicholson  BA (Hons) PGCE, QTS, SENCO Qualification

Miss Nicholson is a qualified teacher of religious studies, philosophy and ethics teaching to GCSE and A level; she also teaches LIFE (Personal Social and Health Education).  In the past, Miss Nicholson has worked as an inclusion support  worker in a specialist SEN school specialising in behaviour management for students with ASD, Downs syndrome and Pathological Demand Avoidance Disorder. She also trained and worked as a higher level teaching assistant and is PECS Applied Behaviour Analysis; she also has a working knowledge of MAKTON (sign language). 

Learning Support Assistants

We have a significant number of learning support assistants (LSAs) who give support to both students and staff. All LSAs take a role before school, during break/lunchtimes and after school in duties, supervision of students, homework club and other activities as appropriate.

Specific LSAs have been trained in the delivery of the Fresh Start Programme – a catch-up phonics programme for those students who are below Level 3 in reading.     

The different categories of Learning Support Assistant are shown below; for a brief summary of the main uses of this team please click here.

Category of Learning Support Assistant Role

Teaching Group Assistant (TGA) 

They support students in Key Stage 3 both academically and pastorally. This means that they:

·         support students in lessons

·         run any break and lunch detentions for the year team for these students.

·         deliver the Fresh Start Programme for catch- up students.


Leading LSA

They are the LSAs in charge of leading the interventions and support of key intervention programmes such as Speech and Language. This means that they are:

·         the expert within the school in their area

·         observe students, write and deliver interventions

·         liaise with outside agencies and provide information

·         train and/or support other LSAs in the delivery of interventions 

Individual Student LSAs

They support individual students with an EHCP. This means that they:

·         support their students in lessons

·         can support them at break or lunch as applicable

·         support their student in private study sessions 

Subject Specific LSAs

They are assigned primarily to the English and Maths/Science departments who then timetable them to other departments as needed. There are also subject LSAs in MFL.  This means that they:

·         support students primarily in the subject lessons but can be in other subjects too

·         deliver intervention sessions in the relevant subjects to students after school  

Key Stage 3 or 4 LSAs

They are assigned to lessons in either Key Stage 3 or 4 to support students as needed, matching strengths to specific students or subjecct areas.  They support students in lessons as directed.

The Behavioural and Emotional Support Team (BEST)

The Behavioural and Emotional Support team also play a major part in supporting students with SEN relating to behavioural, mental health or social needs.  They are also line managed by a member of the Leadership Team and they work closely with pastoral teams as well as implementing strategies from the SEN team.  For more information about their work and what they offer, please click here.