Admissions Consultation

In accordance with the School Admission Code, Cheam High School is consulting on the proposed admissions arrangements for September 2020 entry.

The proposed changes are:

  • To adjust the qualification circle for criterion 6 (up to 30 places based on proximity to Dorchester Primary school).  
  • To remove the new criterion, created for 2018 entry, where up to 30 places were allocated on proximity to Nonsuch Primary School.  Thse places would be allocated to Criterion 5 (distance from Cheam High School).


The proposed Admission Policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

The rationale behind the changes can be found here.

The consultation period ends on 19 November 2018. Anyone wishing to submit their views should write to:

Admissions Officer
Cheam High School

Chatsworth Road

Or Email:   before 19 November 2018




Page Documents Date  
Draft Admissions Policy 2020/21 for Cons... 24th Sep 2018 Download