Rationale for change in Admission Criteria

Removal of the current Tennis Aptitude admission criterion

The school proposes to remove the current criterion that provides places for up to 10 children with an aptitude in tennis.

Why remove this criterion?

  • The level of demand for this criterion has been variable in recent years; numbers across the school drop over time and are relatively low. 
  • The time and staff resources in running the scheme are not easily justified given such low numbers in year groups; staff are diverted from other priorities.
  • Increasing financial pressures means that we need to carefully manage staff resources and rationalise the focus of such resources.


Introduction of an additional Admission Criterion:

The school intends to increase its numbers by 20 students.  It intends to use the 10 places previously allocated to the tennis aptitude scheme together with these additional 20 places to provide up to 30 places under a new criterion which will be placed last in the oversubscription list.  The proposed criterion is:

Up to 30 places to be allocated to children who are attending any primary school that forms part of the Trust running Cheam High School with priority given to those who live closest to Nonsuch Primary School, Surrey.  In the event of places remaining unfilled, these will be allocated to children on the basis of proximity to Nonsuch Primary School, Surrey.



  • Sutton Local Authority does not need additional places for 2018 in our area; we thus have focused the criterion on a local area that is disadvantaged in terms of school choice to help meet admission shortage needs for local families.  
  • Any students at a primary school that is part of the Trust may want to continue their education within the Trust.  This criterion recognises this and gives those that haven’t already been offered a place a further opportunity.