Tackling extremism



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Due to new governmental directives to instil stronger teachings against extremist attitudes and promote British values, Cheam High school have created and delivered a scheme of work entitled ‘tackling extremism.’ The course was recognised by OFSTED  as being ‘particularly outstanding’ as it tackles topical, controversial and challenging issues head on' and commented that 'all the prepared presentations included up-to-date materials related to home and world events.’

This scheme of work has been created in response to a growing number of terrorist activities, coming to a head with the Lee Rigby case, and an increase of reaction of those attributing these actions to certain religious or racial groups. 

The students who study this course are able to develop their awareness of how people should have freedom to practise religious beliefs, to promote tolerance and acceptance for all religions and people in Britain who contribute to our British culture. It also enables students to explore why extremist views do not fit in to our British democratic views and the detrimental impact that this can have both on our society and globally.

With feedback from a PREVENT police officer, this scheme of work has been developed to look at extremist views throughout culture, religions and history, highlighting how terrorism is not a problem limited to our time or always linked to religions we see on the news. Students will consider the causes of terrorism, study modern case studies and celebrate freedom of speech, tolerance and democracy as part of our British values.

Course structure:

The course covers the following areas:

  1. What is terrorism? An exploration of what terrorism actually is and how long it’s been around.
  2. Does Religion cause terrorism? Students discuss and debate about why extremist views occur.
  3. What is the difference between democracy and fascism? Students look at the importance of democracy in Britain and consider why we have freedom of speech and ideas.
  4. What can be done about terrorism in the UK? Students can look at what could be done to prevent terrorism and work in groups to formulate their own ideas.
  5. Can I be British and religious? A celebration of all things British and looking at how what this means.
  6. What is ISIS? Students can equip themselves with knowledge about what ISIS is and gain understanding of why and how it started.
  7. What are the modern forms of terrorism? A look at Islamic extremism and other terrorist reactions to this as a result of Islamophobia.


For schools wishing to purchase this scheme, please click here for further information